Silverstone TP02-M2 Radiator dla dysków M.2 (SST-TP02-M2)



With the ever increasing popularity of solid state drive (SSD) being used as the primary storage device in PCs; capacity and performance continue to climb in newer models but so have their operating temperatures. This has resulted in situations where SSDs; especially the smaller M.2 variants with less surface areas have overheated and throttled or shut down completely. To help alleviate this new generation of heat problems; SilverStone created the TP02-M2 cooling kit; it includes quality aluminum heatsink and custom high efficiency thermal pads to provide a simple and effective cooling solution for M.2 SSDs.



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Silverstone TP02-M2 Radiator dla dysków M.2 (SST-TP02-M2)

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Silverstone TP02-M2 Radiator dla dysków M.2 (SST-TP02-M2)
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